Why Chinese Food And Its Relation To Chinese Culture

When talking about Chinese food today, you might realize that most westerns refer to it as “junk food” or a harbor of calories and considered extremely unhealthy to eat on a daily basis. But the Chinese food that we see today comes from a long line of tradition and most have been modified to fit the fast food market and given the flavors most westerns would prefer. Authentic Chinese food may greatly surprise you as the flavors and textures and textures of it are extremely different from what you might be used to or what you know. Here are three great ways ancient Chinese foods have inspired the current well known and loved Chinese cuisine of today.Cooking styles Whereas today Chinese food is made mainly using a wok, while deep frying meat and stirring delicious sweet and sour chicken traditional and authentic Chinese cooking actually had two main ways of being made. For example, Hunan style of cooking is known for the use of chili peppers giving the food the edge it needs which westernized Chinese food does not have, Chekiang and Kiangsu are identified by the emphasis of compassion that goes into cooking a meal whereas Cantonese cooking styles can be differentiated by sweetness and different varieties. While these mainly represents the southern part of China, Northern Chinese cooking styles are well known for their garlic and vinegar flavoring which contains pasta, steam fried bread, fried meat and so on. These cooking styles are known by the varied names of Peking, Shantung and Tientsin. Go here for more information about chinese restaurant.

2. Spices and Aromas of western Chinese and traditional Chinese

The use of spices when it comes to Chinese food varies on the food itself. For example, if a veg or non veg dish is cooked the other vegetables or spices added to it must complement the color of the main item as well as the aroma. So the dish will be centered around the main component with the uses of spices and vegetables. The best dumplings in China town for example are the ones where the filing contains bursts of flavors and colors and an aroma where the dumplings itself is plain in colours.

3. Ancient methods of cooking

Although many modern cooking techniques of Chinese evolved from the traditional ways of it, various ingredients were added to flavor Chinese food. Ingredients such as cinnamon, black Chinese mushrooms, sesame oil, wine and so much more.

Chinese dumplings Melbourne are known to be one of the most traditional and flavorful as well as the closest you would get to authentic Chinese.Chinese food has different ways of being prepared whether its deep frying, stir frying, steam frying or even stewing. Each item of food has been made unique to its own taste with spices and aroma to really bring through the true taste of authentic Chinese.